Slow Odes Part 1 – An Ode to Public Transport

Slow Ode To Public Transport

I know an Ode is meant to be a lyrical poem telling you how much I like something. But I am rubbish at poetry (I bang out the odd haiku, but that is about it), so I am going to stick to prose.

I had this idea to do an infrequent series of “odes” to things I find particularly Slow. Things that, if we did it more, would slow us all down.

And, inspired by travelling around London on the Tube I thought I would start with public transport.

Which is in an odd one for me. I have a love hate relationship with public transport. At rush hour, it is hell on toast. All that pushing and shoving and shuffling along, and being stuck with your head in someone else’s armpit.

I also have “issues” with public transport (especially buses) mainly because I don’t understand it, I have never been able to figure out those timetable things, I dunno what bus to get to go where, how to pay, when to get off, that sort of thing. So new journeys on any public transport system are often fraught with stress for me as I am panicking about whether I am on the right bus/train/tube/plane, when I need to get off. That sort of thing.

But there are other times, when I know what I am doing, or don’t mind if I am on the wrong bus/train/tube/plane (when it is all a bit of an adventure! Working out how to get around a city you haven’t been to before, for example), outside of rush hour when travelling on public transport is just great.

It is cheap, easy and like having your own chauffer (sort off) you get to gaze out of the window, people watch, nap, drink coffee. All those things that are hard to do when you are driving.

I find something incredibly relaxing about a journey on public transport, you are getting to where your need to go, but once your journey has started you have nothing to do until you get there. It is Idling on the move!