Slow Down Go Faster

Today I was running late, I rushed to try and put my shoes on to get out of the door. I pulled my shoelace in a funny way and actually made the knot tighter and struggled to get my shoe on and the knot undone. In my rush and fluster I got frustrated and started flailing and flapping and shouting and swearing like a demented gibbon. No matter how much faster I tried to force my shoe on and pull the knot loose, I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then a little voice in my head said “STOP!”. I stood still for a second or two (it seemed like forever), took a deep breath, relaxed my tense muscles, bent down and calmly and slowly untied the knot in my lace, and slipped my shoe on.

If I have only acted like this in the first place, I would have been out of the door much faster than wasting time effort and energy trying to rush to put my shoes on.

Our hare brained mind goes so fast it often slows us down.

Slow is not actually about being slow. It is about being unflustered, unhurried, calm and collected (centring our energy, rather than letting it scatter). By thinking and acting in a thoughtful and focused manner we WILL go faster…