Slow Blogging

Slow gets everywhere!

Whilst surfing the net the other night and doing a spot of research on blogging and the Slow movement, I came across this article:

Blogging traditionally is a “fast” activity. People demand constant and fresh, regular, relevant updates and bloggers often rush to be the first to break or comment on some news or event.

But slow blogging rejects this ethos, Todd Sieling on his slow blog ( proposes the following manifesto:

Slow Blogging is a rejection of immediacy. It is an affirmation that not all things worth reading are written quickly, and that many thoughts are best served after being fully baked and worded in an even temperament.

A bit more digging and I came across this piece in the New York Times:

Now, I am not saying that (ironically) I am a bit slow, here, but notice that Slow Blogging was first mentioned in 2006 and the news stories I have highlighted were from last year!

So, taking Tod’s lead, I am working on my Slow Blog Manifesto and will post it up here when it is done. Any thoughts on what is should include? What is an “ideal” slow blog and slow blog entry?

Let me know your thoughts