Secret Agent of Change

obamalogoI suppose I should be non-partisan and just mention the monumentous America election that is going on today.

So I won’t share I personal political views with you. Probably.

Although it is hard not to make a political stance when you are talking about Slow. Slow is not just about you slowing yourself down, it is difficult to do in isolation, what you do effects the people around you, like ripples spreading out after dropping a pebble in a pond. As you start to slow down you will make decisions, some small, some large that will effect the world. You actions will act as demonstrations and inspiration to those that see them

And it is easier to slow down as a community than as single person. Unless you are a hermit. In which case you are probably already pretty slow and don’t really need to be reading this.

SO, as you start to slow down you will, whether you mean to or not, become a Secret Agent of Slow (or SAS, like that?). It is better to lead by example than it is to preach and get all evangelical. Sure, as you start to see the benefits of slowing down on your life, you will naturally want to tell other people about it. But don’t get all superior and start having “slow off’s” with your friends. That is far too yuppie 80’s dinner party where they showed off about Porsche’s and Rolex’s.

So don’t do that! Sure offer advice, info and guidance. But the real trick of being an SAS is to go out and make people feel good for no good reason! Whether that is the person at the check out in the supermarket, someone at the bus queue or the person next to at work. It doesn’t matter. Just make them smile! Give them a compliment, tell them a joke, get them a coffee, it doesn’t matter. Being Slow is about making meaningful connections with people, about a sense of community and belonging, not being a busy body or a nosey parker (don’t you just love that phrase?!), but just getting to know people…