Save Your Money, Save the World!

Being slow is not just about appreciating the time we have, it is a philosophy built on reducing waste. Wasted time,  wasted resources, wasted money…

Did you know that two thirds of the energy in your house is often wasted. This usually do to leaving electricity devices on that don’t need to be (or on standby – which uses as much electricity as leaving it on!), bad insulation or heating rooms that don’t need it.

So, if two thirds of your household energy is wasted, then two thirds of the money you spend on it is wastes too!

So, by being a bit energy savvy, you can save yourself £/$1000’s and save the world!

And the good thing is it will only take you an hour or so to do and any cost will be quickly saved.

So, do the following:

1. Go round and switch all the electricity sockets you are not using are off (they “leak” electricity!)

2. Unplug all chargers for mobile phones, laptops etc. By leaving them on it uses electricity

3. Switch any electrical device you are not using off at the socket (or unplug it). Do you really need to the cooker on just for the clock for example?

4. Do the same to any plug for any device when you stop using it (like the TV when you go to bed or work for example). HINT: Invest in those timers you can plug in that automatically switch on and off, so you don’t need to remember (which can be a pain and develop obsessive compulsive behaviour!!)

5. Close doors to rooms you are not using and switch off the central heating/aircon. Do you really need to heat a room you are not using?!

6. Check all your windows are shut and seal well, so no heat is escaping.

7. Go into your loft, throw out all the stuff you never use and have just accumulated (more on that in later posts) and pack it with as much insulation as you can fit in there! Really, stuff it full as full can be. Most heat (therefore energy, therefore money) escapes through badly insulated roofs).

8. Now you have done all that you can turn your heating down 1 or 2 degrees which will save you a lot of money and you won’t even notice!

9. Check the timer on your thermostat. Is it coming on when it doesn’t need to?

These are just a few suggestions, once you get into the swing of things I am sure you discover lots more!