What is an RSS feed?

The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. An RSS feed, also known as a “news feed”, is a syndicated news (news that is published simultaneously to a number of outlets) feed that you can subscribe to.

How Do I Use It?

RSS is a notification system used to alert subscribers to changes made to their favourite web sites, blogs, music sites, etc, so that you don’t need to constantly check back on the sites to see if there has been an update.

To use RSS, you will need a special RSS news reader that will allow you to collect and display RSS content. RSS news readers allow you to view the service you select all together in the same place and, by automatically retrieving updates, stay current with new content soon after it is published.

I Don’t Have News Reader, What Do I Do?

There are lost different news readers available, most are free. Some readers are stand-alone programmes, others are web-based service you sign-up for that work inside your browser.

If all this is getting too much, I suggest you use a web based news reader, such as:

Google Reader: www.google.com/reader (you just need a google account, which takes 10 seconds to set up)

Mac Mail: If you use Macs (and if you don’t, then why not?!), you can subscribe to RSS feeds in the mail application.

Firefox: If you use firefox (and if you don’t, I recommend it), you can get a simple RSS reader add on.

Feeling adventurous and fancy trying a stand alone reader?

Try these:

Mac: Netnewswire


How Do I Subscribe?

I use feedburner to manage my RSS, you can easily subscribe in your favourite News Reader by clicking the “RSS” on the menu bar above, next to “subscribe”. It will then take you to a page where you can choose your favourite reader.

I Don’t Want to Get a News Reader…

If all this talk of RSS and XML and news readers is all to much for you and you would rather get an email update¬† every time there is a new entry on the site (much simpler), just click on the “Email” on the menu bar instead.

I hope this is enough information to get you started with using RSS. If you have any problems subscribing to my RSS feed, please feel free to contact me and I will be do my best to help you (but I am not a techie!!)