Normal Service Has Resumed

Well hello and welcome back, or should I say welcome to my new home. I am sure you have seen the previous post, so I don’t need to talk about the new site. Obviously, it is brand spanking new and just out of it’s wrapper so there are some tweaks and changes that need to be done, like adding more ads (want to advertise? Contact me), adding the links so you can actually buy something in the store rather than look, etc.

But anyway, as a first proper post back I should really make this an apology. You see I feel royally off the Slow Wagon about a month ago and have only just got back on it. I didn’t take my own advice and was disorganised and trying to do about 10 things at once, this not only stopped me from blogging but also meant that once everything had ground to a halt and I was free from all the hectic hubbub I got struck down with an almighty cold that turned into chest AND ear infection and laid me out for a couple of weeks.

So here I am, back on fighting form and ready to get going again, a new podcast will be coming tomorrow hopefully. In the meantime I will review the old posts, see what I was talking about and carry on from there. Probably. Or   may do something totally new. I haven’t decided yet!

Either way, I will be back posting regular hints and tips of how to slow down and keeping you informed of my continuing adventures.