Nice Guys Finish Last? BBC Radio Five Live

(Firstly, my apologies for not posting for a few days, things have been conspiring against me!)

On Monday night, I appeared on the Richard Bacon Show on BBC Radio Five Live discussing a new piece of research that nice people, on average, earn £1500 less a year. You can read the rather dubious news story here. I haven’t been able to get hold of the original study, but the piece in the paper seems to have taken a few “creative” leaps to spin it into a news story. Nowhere, in the personality type section do they mention the word “nasty”, so I doubt the research has much validity in the nasty/nice argument.

However, as long term readers now, I am a it of stickler for manners (you can listen to my podcast – and the read the transcript – about it here) and think that manners are an essential part of the tortoise (slow) mindset and behaviour.

So I was more than happy to go on and fly the flag for manners on the radio!

You can listen to the programme here (UK readers only I am afraid, I will attempt to get a copy to release as a podcast soon). The section begins at about the 51 minute mark.

Be back tomorrow (hopefully!),

Matt Caulfield

Slow Living Consultant