New Years ReSLOWlutions


I have just returned from Old London Town, which I will write much more about later this week.

Firstly I just want to wrap up some final thoughts on how to create Slow Style New Years Resolutions (you shouldn’t rush these things! Have you made any yet? Given up already? Well now is an ideal time to start – or restart!)

Don’t make resolutions! What I mean is don’t define a specific goal that you want to achieve and then go hell for leather for it and give up when you don’t reach it in ithe first 2 days.

Instead think about creating a new habit (that may help you towards your goal). It is quicker, easier and will be about the journey. Remember, slow resolutions are about the journey, not the destination.

Creating a new habit is easy and quick. We create new habits all of the time, often by accident (pretty much everything we do is a repeated process, ie a habit!). The secret is the repeat it often over a short period of time and reward yourself every time you perform the task that you want to habitualise. By doing this, in just 3 short weeks you will have created a brand new habit, that will just get stronger over time.

(The reason we say 3 weeks is because that is how long it takes for the neurons in your brain to create a new pathway, the physical process of habit making!)

So make a list of new habit you would like to develop. And then order them in the easiest and simplest to do to the more complex. Then start with the easy ones. This will help increase your confidence in your ability to deliberately create new habits. Do one at a time (no need to rush these things), for a bout 3 weeks-ish. Then you will find that making new positive habits will become a habit (cunning huh?!)

My final thoughts on New Years Resolutions will be tomorrow.


PS, the picture is of neural pathways in the brain!