Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

42-16592848_24_36forest-path-postersLife is a Journey, not a destination. Do you want it to be a sprint to the finish (death) or do you want it to be a stroll, where you appreciate and take in your surroundings. Allow yourself to be absorbed into the things that distract and fascinate you? In fact, that is the key! To follow your fascination. Go with the flow.

Have I told you the stream story? I think it is coming up on a deckchair TV episode soon, so I will leave it for now.

That is my theme for 2009 and is going to reflect my thoughts on how you can make some effective Resolutions the Slow way that means, not only will you be more likely to keep them, but you will be healthier, wealthier and happier in 2009. Even with the continued socio-economic turmoil. In fact, and I have said this before, that slowing down is not only beneficial in these troubled times, but the only sane way of dealing with what is going on!

Big claims? That I will hopefully back up!

But before I go on about New Years resolutions (have you made some? Have you broken them yet?), just a bit of a catch up of a few things that I noticed over Christmas and New Year (or just Christmastide, if you follow the pre- reformation 12 day festival, that ends today, on Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas and the 6th January)?

Firstly there were 3 news stories that caught my eye over the festive period:

1. This interesting articlve on the BBC Today Show website about Idling. It undoes a lot of the misconceptions about it and shows how it can be beneficial…

2. A couple if interesting Slow Health related stories here:

See, lying is not being lazy, it is being healthy!

and here:

Now, those are the health foods I like to eat! 

Right, don’t want  to do too much, too soon. Not even Plough Monday yet (more on that next wee). I will return tomorrow with a more detailed discussion on New Years Resolutions…