Idle Accessories #1: The Humble Dressing Gown

I have to admit, today, I have no idea what to write. I am going to continue the mindfulness mini-course (for want of a better word), next week (I have a bit of a hectic week this week and want to give that subject a bit more time as it is very important to being Slow) and I am working on a new SlowCast (out soon, I promise).

So, I have a list of “blog idea’ that I keep in a document on my Mac, some are quite well developed, some are just a word or a phrase. One just said “Slow Film?”, I have no idea where I was going with that one!

But the one that jumped out was another idea of a random series I was going to start “Idle Accessories”, stuff that help you slow down or that all tortoisem minded people should own. Not a great title I admit, I may change it at a later date.

And number one on that list was the humble dressing gown. It was freezing here yesterday (in the middle of June! Where is the summer?!) and so, to keep warm, I wrapped myself up in my dressing gown whilst doing work. I have a lovely dressing gown, soft, warm, thick and with a hood! A perfect piece of clothing to wander round the house in, whether you are in your pyjama’s or fully clothed. And there is something relaxing, comforting and soothing about pulling on a dressing gown, tying round your waste and collapsing onto the sofa.

Just remember to take it off before you go out.


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