Getting Rid of Want 4: What Wouldn’t You Change?

In this final part of “getting rid of want” I just want to discuss one final idea to help you deal with cravings. To be honest, I really should have talked about this in the first blog entry of this series when I was discussing Gratitude, but I forgot all about it!

So, it is a very, very simple exercise that will take 5 minutes and I suggest you do it at the same time as you are doing your gratitude exercise.

All you do is ask yourself “If I became rich beyond my wildest dreams overnight, what WOULDN’T I change?”. Think about all the things you have in your life right now that you wouldn’t get rid of, replace or “upgrade”. I bet, when you think about it, the things you wouldn’t change are actually the things that make you the happiest and everything you would change is merely window dressing!

See you on Tuesday.