Getting Rid of Want 2: Apathy

Following on from yesterday, when I talked about developing your gratitude of what you already have to reduce the craving and want for the new and shiny.

The next technique was something I have worked on and developed and uses an NLP principle known as “anchoring” (but don’t worry, I am not going to go into the details, you don’t need to know to be able to do the technique).

The way it works is to create an association to the thing you are craving using past experience. Here we go:

1) Think of something that you really, really, really, really wanted at the time, maybe it was a piece of clothing, a book, a DVD, a piece of technology (phone, etc) that, after a very short amount of time you just abandoned to gather dust on a shelf or in the wardrobe (we all have lots of those!). Think about that feeling of disinterest and apathy towards that thing that you really wanted.

2) When you feel REALLY apathetic and disinterested (say 7-8 out of 10!), gently squeeze your index finger and thumb together (on whichever hand you feel most comfortable) for a few seconds.

3) Relax, take a few seconds then squeeze your fingers together and see if that feeling of apathy towards the thing you bought. If it doesn’t bring it back as intensively as before, then repeat step 2 a few times until it does.

4) Next time you get a craving or a feeling of want for something just squeeze your finger and thumb to get that feeling of apathy back and associate it with your current craving.

This is a very simple and quick technique to undo cravings and feelings of want. It works much better than trying to rationalise or talk yourself out of the purchase for logical reasons (which often just makes you want it more – what you focus on your get remember?!)

Give it a go next time you are craving and see how you get on.