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The Snail Mail – Coming This Fall, My All New Quarterly Newsletter, With Exclusive Email Only Content!

Everybody likes a bit of free stuff don’t they? I produced the below audio programme and ebook to introduce people to the Slow Life. You will also be signed up to my email newsletter, the “Snail Mail” with exclusive content.

“The Slow Life is the Simple Life is the Easy Life. But How Do You Start Slowing Your Life Down?”


This is usually where those pages you find on the internet that look a lot like this will give you some kind of hard sell, telling you that you cannot live without this product or service or how it will revolutionise your life. Then they will list dozens of testimonials and a never to repeated, ends in 10 minutes special offer. Just for you…

I don’t think that really fits in with the slow philosophy.  So all I am going to say is this:

If you want to learn more about the Slow Movement, then I have recorded this 48 minute audio guide, that you can get for absolutely nothing! You will also be signing up to my mailing list, so you will get exclusive updates and information (but don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with the hard sell and send you emails very occasionally, in fact, I use my list very sparingly).

So if you want to find out how you can:

  • Have more time and energy to do what you want to do
  • Be in control of your finances and wealthier
  • Make better and more meaningful connections with friends and family
  • Get more done in less time, less stressfully
  • Be much more relaxed and happy
  • Fall in love with life again…

Just by Slowing Down!

“Welcome to the Slow Life” audiobook and ebook.

This 48 minute audio and 44-page ebook (an edited transcript of the audiobook) covers everything you need to know about the Slow Movement, slowing down, the idler and as well as exercises, tips and techniques to help you slow down right away.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
The current state of our harebrained society and how slowing down is the only sensible option!

Chapter 2 – What is Slow
More detail about the “tortoise mind” and what exactly what the Slow Philosophy is.

Chapter 3 – A History of Slow
A detailed history of the Slow Movement, including some of the key landmark events.

Chapter 4 – How to Start Slowing Down
A practical guide to get you slowing down fast, including:

  • A deep relaxation exercise to wash away stress
  • Focusing on what you really want
  • A little known principle that will save you 1,000’s of hours and £/$/€1,000’s
  • The right way to plan your time and approach time management to slow down.

Chapter 5 – Who am I?
A brief bio of me.

Chapter 6 – What Next?
How to continue your journey of slowing down.

Not only will I send you the “Welcome to the Slow Life” Audio Programme and eBook, I will also send you, as an extra special bonus:

Welcome to the Slow Life LIVE!

This 30 minute talk was recorded LIVE at the Vision For Living Festival in October 2009.

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