Finding the Space to Be Slow

The slow life is the simple life, is the easy life. To be able to slow down you need to create space to do so.

To create space you need 2 things:

1) (Ruthless) elimination of non-essentials. This frees up time and resources to embrace the slow lifestyle, spending more time doing what you want rather than what you think you should…

2) Discipline (so that you can do number 1!)

These make the difference between slow and sloth. Sloth is about not doing what you need to and generally ignoring things that need to be done in favour of doing something (or nothing) else.

A slow person organises their life so that they get done what they need to get done in a way that gives them plenty of time to do what they want.

Make sense? The only thing that stops you from embracing your slow life is the emotional attachments you have to the clutter you have gathered, the old habits, the junk in the loft, the stuff piled behind the sofa… All the things you know you don’t need but are clinging on to, just in case…

You need to start de-cluttering by de-cluttering your mind. Creating slow habits. If you don’t do that you will not get very far at all. A lot is talked about creating habits, but, as you know if you have ever tried, it can be quite tricky, so over the next few posts, I will talk you through a simple process to create your tortoise habits!