“I Always Thought That 9 to 5 was My Only Choice. Then I Learned How to ESCAPE!”

Dear Free thinker,

Tired of the grind?

Drawing from philosophy, literature and original humour; we discuss practical escape routes from the present-day predicaments of demeaning work, status anxiety and urban lethargy.

For the first time ever two renowned escapologists bring their practical advice to this lively and practical seminar to help you start digging your own escpae tunnel!

Full of practical insights, inspiration, exercises and group interaction this day will help you plan your own escape and get you of the 9 to 5 treadmill.

At the end of this exciting, information and challenging day you will have:

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  • An ability to think outside the box
  • Three defined resolutions for change
  • A management system for those resolutions
  • A short-term temporary escape plan
  • A long-term permanent escape plan


About Your Trainers

Rob Wringham

Rob is a cool motherfucker, blah, blah, he has very nice suits and has read a lot of books.

Matt Caulfield

Neuro-linguistic hacker and all round groovee fella. His favourite TV show is Charlie Chalk.

I will do a table thingy here so we can slot in some photo’s. Can you send me some blurb on yourself to add as info and a nice piccy.


When we get our shit together. But sometime before Rob heads back to Canada.


The idylic city state of Worcester in a beautifully converted theatre. (there should bea googlemaps thing here, but it has disappeared. I think I need an api key for this site as well as my other one).


£125 (+ VAT)

Book early and save ££££.


Bonuses. We need some bonuses…



Nothing in life is guaranteed, suck it up and take responsibility for your own life. How else are you going to escape?



YES! I want to escape the 9 to 5 grind. Show me how!!



Can’t Attend?

We are hoping to record the event for posterity and audio/DVD’s of the event will be able to purchase. Pre-order to save £££