De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 5: Needs

Well, so far we have got you to capture all the stuff rushing round in your head, so it is out and  written down. That probably made you feel much better already! I often carry a notepad with me, so that I can scribble stuff down as I think of them. Makes me feel better.

Then we got you to organise that list into the reasons why you wanted or needed to do that task.

Then we got rid of the initial “capture” list and, with the goals in mind started developing ways to achieve that goal in a fun and creative way, so that the journey becomes the important part, not the goal setting.

But, on that initial capture list there would have been things you NEED to do, that you couldn’t get rid of your capture list, things like paying the bills for example. You don’t enjoy doing it, but you need to do it.

Remember being slow is not about being slothful or disorganised or not doing what needs to be done.

So, simply with these tasks you need to be disciplined, develop a process for doing them and stick to it.

I, for example, do my finance stuff once a month. I hate doing it, but because I am organised, it doesn’t take too long.

What process you do is up to you and what suits you best, but 2 quick tips:

1. Automate or Outsource.

Get someone or something else to do it for you! The obvious example of this is direct debits. If you set up direct debits, you know the bills will be paid and you don’t need to worry about the. With outsourcing, is there someone else you can get to do it for you? You could offer to do something in return for the exchange or pay for it. There is a big growth in virtual assistants, Timothy Ferris talks about them a lot in his book The 4-Hour Work week!

Be creative about your options.

2. Reward.

If we give ourselves a treat for doing something we don’t like we will be more motivated to do it (obvious really!). But you have to be disciplined with yourself (don’t trust yourself? Get someone else to reward you once you are done!). Don’t do half a job and then have the reward, thinking “I will finish it up later…” you won’t!

Tomorrow we will look at the final step, the dreaded shoulds!


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