De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 3: Why?

Hello again, carrying on from the mini-theme I started last week I am going to carry on talking about how to de-clutter your mind and your thought processes to streamline your daily activities so that you can find space to be slow and really appreciate what you want to in life…

OK, so you have now got all your stuff sorted and chunked into categories. Remember there is no right or wrong answers, just what feels right to you.

Now you have go your categories. Ask yourself why you want to do it, or why you think you should do it. Why are you doing that category. Make sense?

So, if one of your categories was “fitness” ask yourself why. Write down a few sentences about why you want to be fitter. Something like “so that I can be healthier and have more energy and confidence to enjoy life”.

If you cannot think of a why, the chances are that you are doing this category because you think you should.

Should is an awful word! Think about anything you think you should be doing and you probably don’t want to do it do you? And, if you really think about it, you probably don’t NEED to either, it is just some silly habit you have picked up often by external pressure of people making you think you need to do it. Abandon anything you think you SHOULD be doing (more about that in later posts) and you will instantly free up a lot of your time!

Next we talk about generating creativity and choice to finally get out of the “to do” mentality…