De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 3: Lets Get Creative!

Right then. You have your goals, your categories of things you want or need to get done and you have your why, you have abandoned the “shoulds” for now.

So, lets get creative about how are going to achieve those goals. Abandon the capture list you wrote at the start of this process as we are now going to generate better process (obviously there may be things on there like paying the bills, those are essentials – but we will come back to them).

You see, there are probably much better ways to get to where you want to go other than the things you think you should be doing to get there. These thoughts are just results of old habits that we are now going to get rid of.

Sound good?

So, you need to now start thinking of ways that are “slower”, less stressful and more fun. Because it is all about the journey really. Imagine having a goal you are heading towards, slogging you guts out to get to it, hating every minute of it and getting hit by a bus just before you achieve it (I have talked about this a lot on previous posts).

The key questions you need to ask are these:

1. How will I know when it is done? Seems an obvious answer, but is it really?  How do you know? We all need to know where we are going. Think about it for a minute.

2. What ABSOLUTELY has to be there to get this done? Strip away the unnecessary tasks the irrelevant ideas and break it down the most basic needs and requirements.

And finally (and most importantly if you ask me)

3. What is the most fun way? Life is a journey, enjoy it! It may not be the fastest way or the most obvious way or the cheapest way, but it is the most fun way. Which means you will remain motivated and ironically probably do it quicker as you are enjoying thr process so much!

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