Day 2

Hello. I am still getting my head around this and adding static pages to give you more info about who I am, what I do and what Slow is all about (and how you can do and what you will get out of it).

I actually got into Slowness about 12 months ago, whilst in my previous existence as a corporate trainer, consultant and coach (much more detail about this will be added to the “about” page as I go along), I stumbled across the Idler periodical and instantly felt at home with it (it is a very long story about how I found, which I will save for another day). Then as if the universe was trying to tell me something, I accidentally ordered Carl Honore’s book “In Praise of Slow” off Amazon, I meant to order a totally different book, but got confused!


I remember, many moons ago (around 2001) I discovered the Barefoot Doctor, through his excellent book “Handbook for the Urban Warrior”, whilst visiting the Mind Body and Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Hall, London. But  I digress. After I discovered the BFD, I hunted down his website and he did something called the DocBox. Now this was in 2001 remember, a long time before blogs became anywhere near popular (they were out there, but no one had really caught onto them yet). And I really liked the idea of a daily updated “box”. At the time I was just starting up in my NLP business (way before NLP became the monster it is today! I am very cynical of people who claim to have been into NLP since 1990 or for 15 years or whatever, cos I have been into for about 11 years and I had never heard of them. But, once again, I digress…), and I had a cheap website set up, so I very rubbishly (I knew very little about websites or html or anything back then – I don’t know much more now to be honest) added my own “box” to my homepage, that I started updating as often as I could (usually anything from a day to month). This rudimentary “blog” was replaced in 2005 when I discovered blogger and set up my first proper blog. Which was, sort of, about NLP. It is still going to this day, but it being about NLP, I never really managed to get into the flow (thinking I should ONLY write about NLP on it, I think I will be more at home here, with a less restrictive remit…).

Where am I going with this ramble? I am not quite sure, you know. But that is part of the fun isn’t it? Rambling is cool, who knows what truths with pop up? I think the gist of what I was getting to was 3 fold:


  1. To introduce myself a little more and stretch my rambling legs on this blog
  2. To illustrate I am not new to this blogging lark or running my business or training or anything and have actually been doing this for awhile.
  3. Cos I am wondering, given the fact this blog is only a day old and I haven’t advertised it or promoted it at all, whether any one is reading it, yet??

Right, I only popped on here to say hello, and I have wandered off. So I am going now.

See you again soon