International Day of Slowness

According to “The Slow Society” yesterday (21st June – the Summer Solstice) was the “International Day of Slowness“. I only just found out about it (what do you expect really? This is about “slow” after all…). It is one of several “International Days of Slowness” I have come across. The great thing about the Slow [...] Read more »

The 3 Keys to a Slow and Happy Life

One of the reasons I stopped blogging so regularly was because, well, I was running out of things to say. You see, the Slow life is the simple life is the easy life. And, so in my quest to become slower, unflustered, uncomplicated and uncluttered, I often found that I was practicing the same things [...] Read more »

Make 2010 Your Year for Slowing Down!

(Please excuse the brazen “plug” nature of this blog post) In the spirit of New Years Resolutions, make 2010 your year for slowing down… If you are serious about slowing down this year and want make certain your succeed, one of the easiest, and most powerful ways is a series of one-to-one coaching sessions. I [...] Read more »

This is a Slow Blog

Slow Blogging applies the slow philosophy to the blogosphere. It eschews the current blogging paradigm of “faster equals better” and that posting blog entries frequently is necessary, or in fact, that posting frequently is the “right way” to blog. This blog “happens when it happens” and will be updated as and when I have something [...] Read more »