The Deckchair Diaries – Spring 2013

The problem with writing a block or trying to be active on the myriad of social networking sites out there is you tend to “blogify” (or “twitterify” or “facebookify”, or “socialnetworkofthemomentify”) your life. You are constantly looking for ways to spin experiences into a pithy, fun or informative posts, comments or tweets. You start to [...] Read more »

Spring 2013

Has it really been a year since I last wrote a blog entry here? I know this is a slow blog but what happened? Well, I have to confess, this blog is much more of a vanity project than anything else, although I have always had a bit of a dream of making money from [...] Read more »

In Hibernation

Those of your with keen senses may have noticed this blog has not been updated for some time (even by slowblogging standards).  After 4 years of writing I have decided to take a hiatus. Like any good tortoise, it has gone into hibernation for the winter months and will most probably emerge some time in [...] Read more »

Death and the Now

A little while ago a post by a palliative care nurse became very popular on the web. For a very brief moment in time I worked with some people with terminal illnesses, teaching mindfulness and Tai Chi and doing a spot of hypnotherapy.  My experience echoed the findings on the post above. In  particular, I [...] Read more »

Meditation Guide Now Exclusively on Kindle

Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There! A Simple Introductory Guide to Mindfulness Meditation – Now Exclusively on Kindle. Do you want to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start? Click here to buy now: Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool of personal change. What seems a deceptively simple process has the [...] Read more »

New Year Re-Slow-lutions: Direction Not Goal

Hello and welcome to 2012. It is that time of year again where people tend to start thinking about ways they want to change their lives and setting themselves goals they want to achieve. There are problems with this goal setting (and striving to achieve them) approach. Most peoples goals are very poorly defined and [...] Read more »

A Seasonal Thought

There is an irony at this time of year. Everyone talks about the “season of goodwill” but other than making a few (forced) false platitudes, sending Christmas cards and gifts (often because they think they should, or because of some selfish reason to be seen to be being generous) most people become (much more) self [...] Read more »

The Enoughpreneur – Slow and the Art of Running a Business

For some time I have struggled with a contradiction that I have had in my mind. I agree strongly with private enterprise, with people setting up their own business and the freedom and responsibility that creates (I think these small “cottage industries” are very “Slow”). However, I dislike large corporate enterprise (in general, there are [...] Read more »

Compassionate Misanthropy

I have, over the last few posts, been discussing the often overlooked key to a slow and happy life and that is compassion; caring for the well being of other people (and animals, plants, and everything really), to recognise that we are all interconnected. In Alain De Botton’s excellent book “Status Anxiety” he discusses the [...] Read more »