Can I?

anthony-robbins1OK, in this final part on New Years Resolutions I want to steal something from that monster of the self help movement Tony Robbins.

Now, you may be thinking that Tony and I are polar opposites, he is all up and going and striving and driving, whereas I am more chilled, relaxed and about taking it easy.


The structure of what we do is very similar, even if we do it for different results. In Tony’s audio series “The Time of Your Life” he talks about CANI’s or categories of Constant And Never-ending Improvements. He noticed that if you set a goal, you may be motivated to achieve it, but once you have you often slip back into your old ways, and lose all the benefits you have gained.I am sure most of you can associate to that at some point in your life.

So what Tony suggests is to break you life down into loose categories, such as health, relationships, finances, etc (there will be, of course some cross over between each one, it is not about rigid pigeon holing, but about sorting things in a way that is easier to organise). These become your CANI’s and for each one you set goals, but just as you are about to achieve that goal you set a new one and then a new, so you are constantly moving forward or improving. Make sense?

Well, I am not sure about the goal setting thing, it all seems a bit future facing to me. Which is great, but the problem with that is you often lose sense of the NOW, of being mindful, living in and really appreciating the present moment.

Which is a lot of what Slow is about.

So I suggest CoCANE’s and/or CoIP’s!

Categories of Constant and Never-ending Exploration. Things you are interested in that you just want to keep doing and learning more (and getting better – but this is a by-product, you are doing it for the love of doing it, primarily) about.


Categories of Idle Pleasures: Things you just do because you love doing it! Make sense? So, for example, in the “relationship” category you may say one of your CoCANE’s may be “Have dinner with my family once on a month at least”, not for any reason other than your love sitting round the table with them chatting and catching up!

Incidentally, someone asked me what my New Years Resolutions were.

Well, I have 2(ish).

1) To continue to study and deconstruct my personal and professional life, simplifying and slowing down and work less (goes without saying really…) 2)

  • To work on my categories of “Idle Pleasures” things I would like to do more of, that I just enjoy doing! Such as:
  • Play more chess – I love chess, but I am rubbish at it, so I avoid playing it, which is stupid!
  • Get out in the hills more.
  • Watch more cricket – l got into cricket about 4 years ago after my good friend Steve finally explained it to me in a way that made sense. I think it is an excellent Idlers sport. The problem is it is all on Sky now and I don’t have (and refuse to get) Sky Sport. So this may be a toughy!
  • Read more – just for the love of reading!

That is just a few, I have a lot more!