Below are some simple eGuides I have developed to help you start to slow down:

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What’s The Rush?

Only £5.99 (+local taxes)Add to  CartInspired to slow your life down? Not sure where to start?

Weill this simple guide sets you on your way to slowing down. It contains 10 simple steps to get your slowing!

Your Journey to Slowing Down Starts Here!

32 page pdf eGuide.

£5.99 (+ local taxes)

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Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There! A Simple Guide to Meditation

49 page eGuide Kindle exclusive £1.99Meditation is the simplest thing to do in the world, but it can seem confusing to those that are new to the subject. This ebook teaches, form scratch, in simple termonology, how to develop a rewarding meditative practice.

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49 page eGuide Kindle exclusive


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