On this page you will find some recommended reading and some merchandise. When you click on the link below you will be taken to the 3rd party store (Amazon in the case of the books and Cafepress.com in the case of merchandise).



I have written some simple eGuides I have developed to help you start to slow down.



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Guided Meditations


Here you will find a series of guided meditations available as mp3 downloads. They are designed to help you make progress in slowing your life down. Each one has a different theme and they are added to regularly, if you have any requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Car Sticker

pic coming soon… Show your support for the Slow Revolution with this beautifully designed and shockingly practical car sticker. 

Thia car sticker is 15cm by 10 cm, whits design on clear self-clinging vinyl (for ease of removal with no sticky residue). Designed to be stuck on the inside of the window.

Only £5 including woldwide shipping.

Please allow up to 3 weeks delviery depending on where you live in the world.

Available soon…

Slow Reading Book Store

So many books, so little time… there are way too many good books to read in a lifetime… 

This list includes books about the Slow Movement, Idling and Slowing down, as well as books that I think contain the philosophy or ‘feel’ of the Slow Philosophy. (The list is constantly updated as I find more gems).


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Show your support for the Slow Movement with pride with this selection of t-shirts and other paraphernalia: 



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New Escapologist

New Escapologist is a magazine for white-collar functionaries with escape on the brain. We offer practical exit strategies from demeaning day jobs and celebrate the ‘flight’ bit of ‘fight or flight’. 

Each issue is a compendium of funny and practical essays on the subject of escape, through the lenses of economics, travel, psychology, philosophy and the arts. We promote freedom, anarchy and the absurd.

I am regular contributor.

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