Hi, I am Matt, welcome to TortoiseKnowsBest.com. Here things are done a little differently.

You see, in this hyper-speed, high stress, high demand, hare-brained modern world we are often under pressure to think and act faster than we can cope with, to deal with massive swathes of information, to keep up with the “next big thing”. Speed seems to have become its own reward.

We have become ingrained in the belief that more equals better and to get more done we need to go faster and faster.

The world is awash with gadgets, guides and gurus trying to help us do everything we think you need to do.

But all this speed has done very little for us. Being forced to think and act faster and faster, we have become stressed, overloaded and burnt out. We rarely have the energy or the time to appreciate what we have or are doing.
We do things, just to get things done. As soon as we get something new we looking for the next thing.

We don’t need to act this fast. In fact, speed is counterproductive.

Here at TortoiseKnowsBest.Com I encourage a slower, unhurried and unflustered approach to life. A more measured and mindful response to the crazy world around us.

What I am saying isn’t really new. The great minds have told us this for centuries. We just need a little reminding sometimes. And some practical advice would help too.

Your Tortoise Mind

This site is built around the idea that before you can even begin to slow down your outside life you need to slow down your inside world. You need to cultivate your Tortoise Mind.

The essence of this site is to give you psychological tips and techniques to develop your Tortoise Mind and then allow that to inform and change your lifestyle.

A Little Bit of History

I started this blog in October 2008. At the start of 2011 I did somewhat of a shake up here. Up until this point, this blog was somewhat organic and random. I would write posts as and when I thought of something to say on a broad range of subjects. It was a Slow Blog.

At the start of 2011 I decided to change the focus here, partially to reflect my new interests and partially to actually get back to the focus why on earth I started doing all of this in the first place. You see I had broken one of my own cardinal rules, I had lost focused and let my attention and energy wander.

So now, although it will still be a slow blog, I write two types of blog entries;  a “journey” post and a “knowledge” post.

The Journey

These are meandering posts of my thoughts, musings and ideas. Things I have been contemplating, or something I have read, seen or been introduced to that has triggered some insight that I think it would be useful to share. They are more personal. I ramble. It is about the journey after all.

The Knowledge

These are your classic “how to” posts, they will give you an idea, technique or strategy for you to try out to help you cultivate your “tortoise mind”, sometimes they will be linked to the journey post. Sometimes not.

Suggested Reading From Version 1.0

Older posts are not organised in this way, so please feel free to dip in and out of those. I have done my best to link back to older posts where relevant, but if you are new here I would recommend you start with these posts:

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A Note On Comments

I have switched comments off as I was sick of spam, idiots and self promotion. I am comfortable enough to blog without needing the reassurance of kind comments from readers. If you have something you would like to ask, please contact me via twitter, facebook, or if you would prefer to do so privately via my contact page.

About Me

I was a success coach, but the success I was after didn’t seem to make me happy, in fact, it made me stressed out. The “success” I was chasing wasn’t what I wanted, it was what I thought I should want. Then I discovered the Idler which shifted my perception, but it took an accident to really set me on the path I am on now…

Read more about me on my bio page here.

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