A Pocket Guide For The Flaneur Of Life

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So, I accidentally wrote a new book – “A Pocket Guide For The Flaneur of Life”. I have been working on an update to my “Mindfulness Meditation Demystified” Guide when inspiration struck and I wrote this book instead!

What Is A Flaneur of Life?

The term Flaneur was coined in 19th century Paris, to describe a “gentleman (or lady) stroller of the streets”. They strolled for the sake of strolling, drinking in the details and observing life. They had a slow, relaxed manner and where not rushed or hurried. They appreciated the journey.

A Flaneur of Life recognises that life is a journey and the joy to life is appreciating that journey, to stroll and not rush, to drink in the detail and enjoy the moments.

In this little pocket guide you will get little gems of wisdom to help you slow your life down and turn it into a stroll rather than a sprint.

  • It includes ways that you can become:
  • Calm and collected.
  • Mindful and aware.
  • Able to chat to anyone about anything.
  • Unburdened (with thoughts, actions and possession!).
  • Unhurried and unflustered.
  • Well dressed (not fashionable, but stylish).
  • Able to carry yourself with grace and elegance.
  • With slow deliberate movements.
  • Unflustered and unhurried.

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(iBooks coming soon!)

Can You Help Me?

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