A Cup of Sugar?


Isn’t the news cheery today. BBC is reporting the highest unemployment in 11 years. The Telegraph is running with “UK in Recession for Most of Next Year”

I don’t know why I bother with the news at times. Can’t we have a nice story. Like “Hoodie Helped Old Lady Across the Road”?

Why is it so fashionable to be dour and cynical and aggressive and negative?

Something that was illustrated quite neatly on my disastrous appearance (is it really an appearance if you are on the radio?) with Stephen Nolan and Charlie Mullins (of Pimlico Plumbers, lest you forget!) on Radio Five Live (and I just noticed, with all the excitement, I totally forgot to celebrate Saint Monday. Damn!)

Because, to get through this we are going to have to work together, get a sense of community and co-operation, rather than selfishness and competition. That is the way the world used to be. Popping round the neighbours for a cup of sugar, that. Nowadays who even knows their neighbours name?

That is one of the (many?) unfortunately side effects of the age of abundance we have just been living through, because we were in a position to get what we wanted by ourselves (food from the supermarket etc), that we have become less reliant on others and therefore that sense of community that used to hold us together has diminished.

Even if it is just for support, or to have a bit of a moan about our current situation, a peer group is very important (in fact a recent study suggested that one of the keys to happiness is to have a group of 10 close friends).

So go on. Go and introduce yourself to your neighbour, take some cakes (they don’t need to be homemade…)