2 Surprisingly Slow Books

In the next two posts I am going to draw your attention to two books that, on the surface, appear to be totally opposite to the slow idea, but underneath  are actually very slow books.

The first one is “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey

But, That book is for those annoying high achievers! The sort of “fast” people who are the antithesis of Slow!!” I hear you cry.

True, true, that is who reads it and who it marketed to.

But inside are jewels that can help you slow your life down. Remember, being slow is not about not doing things that need to be done but about doing things in a way that gives you the space to be slow. It is about eliminating the unnecessary and organising everything else such a way that is easy, simple and stressfree (and enjoyable) to do.

That is what this book is about!

But, the difference between how “Hares” and “Tortoises” is that “Hares” organise their life in this way and then FILL THE GAP THEY CREATE WITH MORE STUFF TO DO! Which is just silly.

Tortoises (like you and me) create the gaps and then use those spaces to create time to be slow.

Make sense? So, use the tools of the “enemy” (if you fancy being melodramatic about these things), against them. Become highly effective and then just be slow…