2 Surprisingly Slow Books Part 2

Sorry, I should have labelled yesterdays post with a “part 1”

Todays surprisingly slow book isGetting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity by David Allen.

Again it is another book about how to organise your workload so that you can be more efficient, but I love the subheading, which gives it away as a secret slow text “The Art of Stress free Productivity”. Now, isn’t that what the Slow Philosophy is a lot about?

It is an excellent guide (and so obvious in places you will think “Why aren’t I doing that already?!”) that helps you develop processes to deal with all the “needs’ that you have in a very organised, practical and most importantly, stress free way.

I highly recommend it!


Site News

Just a little bit of site news. As you may have noticed, I have been tinkering with the content on the About page to give you more information about me and the Slow Movement. I am also in the closing stages of having a new shiny blog built. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my 2 months here (and this site will stay up for podcasts only), but I think it is time for a proper site. I am just finalising choosing a designer.

I am also putting the finishing touches to a “Slow Start Guide” ebook, that will get going from hare to tortoise in no time at all. I would love to give it away, but I do have bills to pay, so I have priced it at (what I hope) is a very reasonable $4.99, a sneak peak will posted soon.

Finally, a new SlowCast will be up this week, reviewing and finishing the “How to Be Slow in a Fast Environment” series that I started awhile ago. I am hoping to start doing a SlowCast weekly until Deck Chair TV starts up again.